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When it comes to getting your book published digitally, we’re on the same page.

It's about care and attention

It’s no secret that the majority of the UK's book printing and publishing is automated and digital these days. You fill out an online form, spend ages re-editing your manuscript to their inflexible specifications, before uploading it into the ether. A machine someplace unknown whirrs to life and spits out your printed books into a box that’s shipped straight to you. All this without being graced by a single caring human eye. It’s the efficiency-driven world we live in, and for some, it works.

At DolmanScott, we believe that your hard work deserves the utmost care and attention, and all for an affordable price. Handled by experienced online book publishing professionals from the moment you send us your first draft, when it comes to getting your book published, we’re on the same page.

Our history

DolmanScott’s origins were a far cry away from today’s obsession with e-books. We originally developed fulfilment systems for the back end of call centres. We certainly wouldn’t blame you for letting out a yawn...but in many cases, printing extensive reports was a necessary part of the job. The challenges we faced fulfilling these printing needs gave us a detailed insight into the UK's book printing market—one that was traditionally owned by the larger book-printing companies running cumbersome, expensive machines, geared to long printing runs of tens of thousands of books.

It soon became apparent that we’d stumbled upon a rapidly-developing market for short printing runs, and the new digital printing presses coming onto the market at the time presented a clear solution. We eagerly hopped into the digital publishing and book-printing business and left those dreary call centres in the rear-view mirror, becoming one of the first companies to use the internet to move print files (before PDFs were around!) to offsite print locations.

We went on to form relationships with several digital print companies as well as those larger traditional printers that required much larger print runs. We further distilled our partner program based upon their capabilities, quality, service and pricing leaving only the best as partners.

Print-on-demand and single book printing

As the market matured and costs came down, it became feasible for larger specialist companies to offer a print-on-demand (PoD) service, which meant authors could avoid overprinting and upfront costs by printing only what they sold—even if it was a single copy.

When an author’s book found a market and the need for more copies increased, however, the cost of PoD became unviable, and we found that publishers would reach out to us as a provider of cost-effective print runs. In turn, we were then able to offer print-on-demand services to our authors when it made more financial sense to do so.

Digital publishing

Building upon our trailblazing use of the internet in its early days, and with the advent of eReaders such as the Kindle and their subsequent popularity, we expanded into digital publishing, allowing our authors to reach an audience via digital methods and either supplement their physical distribution, or circumvent the traditional print method entirely.

The business today

The need for cost-efficiency between PoD and larger print runs still exists today, and thanks to our relationships with suppliers all over the world, we offer the right service for each author’s individual needs—always providing the best value for money.

We often attract those who’ve had bad experiences with larger, corporate publishing services like Blurb, Lulu or one of the many other companies in the digital self-publishing industry, with some authors having paid thousands of pounds and been disappointed with the quality and the service.

The bulk of our business is still book printing in batch as it is usually more profitable for our authors, but we take pride in being able to offer expertise in litho solutions as well as PoD and digital publishing as alternatives.

You do the writing, we'll take care of the rest.

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