We've been bringing authors’ ideas to life—no matter the subject, style or genre—for many years. It's been a privilege to work on books of all types during our company’s history, including fiction, biographies, textbooks, coffee-table books, reference books, art books, family histories, memoirs and many others.

Printing your book with DolmanScott

Our book printing service provides the quality you would expect from a company with an infatuation with books. We provide a professional and affordable printing service for authors looking to print between 30 and 5000+ copies, with our passion and attention to detail noticeable on every page.

There are several options you'll need to consider when printing a book:

Book Type
Book Size

Book Type


High quality paperbacks in full colour and/or black and white.


Case bound with a material covered case and gold foiling on the spine, or with a printed paper case (PPC).

Hardback w/Sleeve

Case bound with a material covered case with foiling or a printed paper case (PPC), both options with a dust jacket.

Book Size


110mm x 174mm

Popular size for paperbacks

'B' (Trade)

129mm x 198mm


148mm x 210mm


138mm x 216mm

Popular size for paperbacks and casebound


156mm x 234mm

Popular size for paperbacks and casebound

Pinched Crown

168mm x 246mm

Traditional-sized book for both paperbacks and casebound

Crown Quarto

189mm x 246mm

Good for books with two-column printing


210mm x 297mm

A4 is the largest standard size

Other Sizes

Available on request


Black & White

Standard black and white printing for novels, memoirs, etc. Great for books with black & white images, graphs, or other graphics

Black & White w/Colour Sections

Black and white text with full colour ‘plate sections’ typically of 4pp, 8pp, 12pp or more

Full Colour

Ideal for coffee table, art and any book with colour images throughout

Paper Stock



Includes options such as off-white, book wove 80gsm and book wove cream 70gsm. Other weights on request



Gloss, silk or mattIdeal for books with black and white photographs and all full-colour books

Other Stock

Available on request

Paper Binding


The standard method of binding a paperback book


A stronger form of perfect binding whereby more glue is forced into the spine


A stronger and more durable form of binding for paperback books. Increasingly being used for casebound books

Section Sewn

The strongest and most common method of enhancing the binding of a casebound or paperback book

Covers & Jackets



Silk or gloss coated

A range of laminates can be applied including gloss, matt and silk



Gloss or silk coated paper from 130gsm to 350gsm

A range of laminates can be applied including gloss, matt and silk

Other Options

Available on request

Embossing with UV also available (press-dependent)

Worldwide Sourcing

In addition to our UK-based operation, DolmanScott has print facilities through partners in other countries including Australia, South Africa and the Far East.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many books should I print?

We would suggest starting with a smaller print run to test the market for your book before scaling up production. Our printing service is ideal for this as additional print runs are easy once your book is formatted and ready to go.

What is better for my book, digital or litho printing?

Both methods of printing have their advantages. Digital printing is ideal for smaller print runs (up to 750 copies), whereas litho printing becomes the more cost-effective option when print runs are larger. Both are capable of printing in black and white and full colour.

How does including images in my book increase the price of printing?

Including images means that we may have to print your book on a paper suitable for reproducing high-quality images, which is often more expensive than paper used for text-only books. In addition, colour photographs cost more to print than black-and-white, as multiple inks need to be used to achieve the correct colour mix.

I’m not very technical. Can you help me with the layout and typefaces for my book?

At DolmanScott, we can provide a design service to help format your book to perfection. Please note, there is an additional charge for this.

If you have some technical ability then we will provide the correct dimensions and margins for you to do this yourself.

How should I supply you with my manuscript?

Please supply your book in the following format:

  • As a print-ready PDF (PDFxiA file) or an Adobe InDesign file
  • Fonts and graphics must be embedded in the PDF or InDesign file
  • Images should be no less that 300dpi for a high-quality reproduction
  • Using CMYK colours

If you have any problems getting your file ready, let us know and we can guide you through the process and help out with the technical bits. Please be aware that we may have to charge an additional fee for file conversion.

I’ve written my book, but I need help with the cover design. Can you help with this?

At DolmanScott, we provide a Cover Design service; simply by briefing one of our designers you can be assured we will provide original artwork to make your book stand out on the shelves.

Alternatively, you can provide us with images and text and we will combine these to create your vision.

Will I receive proofs of my book before the print run starts?

We will let you know in your quotation if proofs are included in your print run. Generally, on smaller digital print runs (where PDFs are supplied) we don’t supply printed proofs.

What is an ISBN? Do I need one? How do I get one?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number; having an ISBN enters your book into a database which details bibliographic information. ISBN numbers are used by retailers and libraries to catalogue their titles. As a result, if you want to sell your book through major retailers or stock your book in libraries you will need to have an ISBN.

Getting an ISBN is easy. We can help you with the process through our Book Publishing service, or you can buy one directly from the ISBN agency in your country. Visit for more information.

How do I get my book listed on Amazon and other online retailers?

For your book to be listed by online retailers such as Amazon, it needs to be registered with Nielsen BookData. If you are using our Book Publishing service we will do this for you.

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