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Book Publishing

What is the difference between your Book Printing and Book Publishing services?

If you are printing a book with us, we will agree on a number of copies to be printed and deliver these directly to you. You will be able to distribute your book and sell it by yourself however you like!

If you choose to use our publishing services we will ensure that your book is available to order in bookshops and online. Our publishing operates on a Print-on-Demand system where, when a book is ordered, a single copy is printed and dispatched.

If I publish with you, who will own the Copyright?

With DolmanScott, the copyright is always retained by the author.

What is an ISBN? Do I need one? How do I get one?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number; having an ISBN enters your book into a database which details bibliographic information. ISBN numbers are used by retailers and libraries to catalogue their titles. As a result, if you want to sell your book through major retailers or stock your book in libraries you will need to have an ISBN.

When using our Book Publishing service we provide an ISBN for your book as part of your package.

If I publish with you, will my book appear on the shelves of bookshops?

The decision to stock a book in-store is down to the individual retailer. By publishing with DolmanScott, we will ensure that your book can be ordered for purchase through any bookshop or online retailer via our Print-on-Demand service. If you wish to see your book on the shelves of a bookshop, you will need to arrange this directly with the retailer.

If I publish with you, will my book be available on Amazon and other online retailers?

DolmanScott will ensure that your book is available to order from Amazon and other online retailers specified by you.

Which countries would my book be available in if I publish with DolmanScott?

We will make sure that your book is available to readers in the UK and US and can provide access in many other countries besides.

Can you help me market and promote my book?

DolmanScott have a Marketing service ready and waiting for you! Find out more.

Book Printing

How many books should I print?

We would suggest starting with a smaller print run to test the market for your book before scaling up production. Our printing service is ideal for this as additional print runs are easy once your book is formatted and ready to go.

What is better for my book, digital or litho printing?

Both methods of printing have their advantages. Digital printing is ideal for smaller print runs (up to 750 copies), whereas litho printing becomes the more cost-effective option when print runs are larger. Both are capable of printing in black and white and full colour.

How does including images in my book increase the price of printing?

Including images means that we may have to print your book on a paper suitable for reproducing high-quality images, which is often more expensive than paper used for text-only books. In addition, colour photographs cost more to print than black-and-white, as multiple inks need to be used to achieve the correct colour mix.

I’m not very technical. Can you help me with the layout and typefaces for my book?

At DolmanScott, we can provide a design service to help format your book to perfection. Please note, there is an additional charge for this.

If you have some technical ability then we will provide the correct dimensions and margins for you to do this yourself.

How should I supply you with my manuscript?

Please supply your book in the following format:

  • As a print-ready PDF (PDFxiA file) or an Adobe InDesign file
  • Fonts and graphics must be embedded in the PDF or InDesign file
  • Images should be no less that 300dpi for a high-quality reproduction
  • Using CMYK colours

If you have any problems getting your file ready, let us know and we can guide you through the process and help out with the technical bits. Please be aware that we may have to charge an additional fee for file conversion.

I’ve written my book, but I need help with the cover design. Can you help with this?

At DolmanScott, we provide a Cover Design service; simply by briefing one of our designers you can be assured we will provide original artwork to make your book stand out on the shelves.

Alternatively, you can provide us with images and text and we will combine these to create your vision.

Will I receive proofs of my book before the print run starts?

We will let you know in your quotation if proofs are included in your print run. Generally, on smaller digital print runs (where PDFs are supplied) we don’t supply printed proofs.

What is an ISBN? Do I need one? How do I get one?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number; having an ISBN enters your book into a database which details bibliographic information. ISBN numbers are used by retailers and libraries to catalogue their titles. As a result, if you want to sell your book through major retailers or stock your book in libraries you will need to have an ISBN.

Getting an ISBN is easy. We can help you with the process through our Book Publishing service, or you can buy one directly from the ISBN agency in your country. Visit for more information.

How do I get my book listed on Amazon and other online retailers?

For your book to be listed by online retailers such as Amazon, it needs to be registered with Nielsen BookData. If you are using our Book Publishing service we will do this for you.

Book Conversion

What is an eBook?

An eBook is simply a book published in a digital format. These books are downloaded by customers and read on their tablet, phone, desktop, laptop or eReader (for example, a Kindle). Although some may define an eBook as an “electronic version of a printed book”, there are many eBooks which have never been printed on paper.

Why should I bother getting my manuscript published as an eBook?

As our lives become more integrated with technology, the popularity of eBooks is only set to increase; since 2012, sales of eBooks have increased by over 70%. Publishing your book as an eBook comes with a plethora of benefits for both you and your readers:

  • eBooks can be sold via online retailers or “loaned” out by libraries.
  • eBooks can be accessed around the world by anyone who has an internet connection – the sky’s the limit!
  • eBooks are perfect for increasing the accessibility of your book. For example, text-to-speech software and font enlargement mean that the visually impaired will be able to enjoy your work quickly and easily.
  • eBooks do not require the costly processes of printing and shipping, so more of the sale price can go directly back to the author.
  • eBooks do not require storage space in the traditional sense; once published, your eBook will be permanently available and will never go out of stock!

Will eBook readers be able to see images from my book?

In most cases, yes! Images and cover art from eBooks are viewable on most devices.

How do I turn my book into an audio book?

Talk to us first as we can help you through the entire process.

Can you help with the recording and production of my audio book?

Yes, we handle the whole process from choosing the right voice talent to the production of an engaging and entertaining recording.

What about distribution of the audio book?

You get the benefit of our world class distribution service earning you royalties from hundreds of retailers and libraries around the world.

Proofreading & Editing

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is the process of eliminating the errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar in a text, as well as ensuring the formatting on your text is perfect (e.g. page numbering).

Editing takes a much more holistic approach to check and improve your manuscript. An Editor will read your entire manuscript and provide expert feedback on elements of structure, style, character development and continuity.

The best quality books will be both edited and proofread to ensure they are of the highest possible standard.

What format should I send my work in for editing?

We prefer to edit digital files in Microsoft Word format, although we do also accept PDFs. This is because we can use the 'Track Changes' function in Word documents, which shows all the changes that have been made in the document. Our editor will add comments and suggestions throughout and send the document back to you in digital form.

If your manuscript is handwritten, it will first need to be typed up before we can edit it. This service will incur an additional charge.

At what stage should I get my book edited?

Usually, it’s best to get as far as you can on your own before using a professional editor. Read through your manuscript and eliminate obvious and easy mistakes before sending your work to be edited. This way, you will know you are getting the most out of your editor. Be prepared though – once you’ve got an expert on board you may need to make more major changes!

I'm good at spelling and grammar. Why do I need a proofreader?

Even the best writers make mistakes; it’s easy to use the wrong homophone or miss out a word when you’re in the flow of writing. Even after checking multiple times, it’s likely there are still pesky errors hidden in the text. Proofreading is a vital service used by even the most experienced writers, as it ensures that the tiny errors which can affect the overall quality of the book are eliminated. We strongly suggest having your book proofread, as these types of errors can really affect the response you might get from your future readers.

I'm good at English. Can't I just edit my own book?

There’s nothing stopping you from editing your own book. However, our editors are experienced and skilled professionals who will help you elevate your work to its best. A professional editor can also offer objective, constructive and honest advice on elements of your work beyond simple errors, including guidance on narrative structure and character developments, as well as stylistic features.

How long will my edit take?

Editing time is dependent on the length of your book and our current capacity; get in touch and we’ll give you a heads up on how long we think it will take!

Will I be able to amend my edit?

Of course! You are the author, after all. Once the editor has completed their first edit of your work, they will send the document back to you. You will be able to see what they have done, answer any queries your editor has raised and accept or reject any suggestions they have made. The editor will then amend the text in accordance with your instructions. If you require further changes after this point, we will be happy to help you, but you may be charged for the additional editorial time. (Don’t worry, we’ll always discuss additional costs with you before going ahead.)

Book Design

Can you help with the design of the book?

Yes, we can and will discuss your thoughts and preferences.

I like the style of a particular book, could you use it as a guide?

Yes, we can!

What about cover design?

We can do this for you by using your images or we can commission a bespoke cover for you.

What about the text size and font?

We'll need to know your target market so we can select the fonts and text size.

Can you help with proofreading?

Yes, we will arrange this for you and copy editing if required.

Book Marketing

Why do books need publicity?

Simple: Without book publicity and marketing, how will people find out about your book? Worldwide, thousands of titles released every day, making book publicity more crucial than ever. With an effective marketing plan, you can target your readership, create interest about your book, attract the media, and ultimately generate more sales.

Why do I need a book marketing plan?

You need to reach as many potential readers as possible using carefully selected media—particularly social media. Whether your book is self-published or traditionally published, you need to plan your marketing.

Do I need an author website?

If you are serious about marketing your book, then a website can be most useful, particularly with purchase links to where customers can buy your book.

Should I sell my book on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon is an important sales channel for your book. If we are publishing the book for you as a PoD book, we set up all the sales channels for you worldwide.

Does my book need an ISBN code?

Yes, you must have an ISBN if your book is going to be sold online and through book shops.

How can I promote my books locally

Local bookshops are often happy to host book signings, particularly if you engage with and notify the local media (local radio & TV stations, local newspapers and social media).

How can I get people to review my book?

By making the media’s literary editors aware of your book and sending them pre-launch review copies.

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