You’ve been thinking about the target audience for your book since its inception, so ensure it reaches your readers with a marketing strategy that suits both you and your work.

Marketing your book with DolmanScott

Our team of marketers are on hand to establish strong foundations for the continued promotion and advertising of your book and can help you with marketing across a number of platforms:


Lend yourself credibility and engage your readers in real-time with a website. Creating an online space for your book and yourself allows readers to get to know what you are all about; it’s a personal touch that can really drive sales and build a fanbase for your work. Our marketing team can provide technical support, design and content to get your website off the ground and running smoothly.

Writing a book can be one thing, but writing code is another! Let our team take your words and transform them into an online presence to be proud of.  

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool to advertise your book through that all important word-of-mouth. Our team of marketers consider the demographics of your target audience to help you develop a social media presence and make waves online. Take advantage of our expert knowledge to get your book noticed and reach readers all over the world with a strong social media strategy.

Whether you want to tweet to your heart’s content, having real-time conversations with your novel’s readers, or post stunning visuals from your cookbook on Instagram, DolmanScott can provide suggestions for engaging content, as well as tips and tricks to get your audience hooked on your writing.

Digital Advertising

We’re all familiar with the power of a good advert; they help to build a brand and create an awareness of it in your target audience’s mind. Our team of marketers specialise in direct digital marketing of books through sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, making it easy for readers to get your book into their hands quickly. In the constantly evolving digital advertising space, make the most of targeted advertising and allow us to take the stress out of the technical side of things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do books need publicity?

Simple: Without book publicity and marketing, how will people find out about your book? Worldwide, thousands of titles released every day, making book publicity more crucial than ever. With an effective marketing plan, you can target your readership, create interest about your book, attract the media, and ultimately generate more sales.

Why do I need a book marketing plan?

You need to reach as many potential readers as possible using carefully selected media—particularly social media. Whether your book is self-published or traditionally published, you need to plan your marketing.

Do I need an author website?

If you are serious about marketing your book, then a website can be most useful, particularly with purchase links to where customers can buy your book.

Should I sell my book on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon is an important sales channel for your book. If we are publishing the book for you as a PoD book, we set up all the sales channels for you worldwide.

Does my book need an ISBN code?

Yes, you must have an ISBN if your book is going to be sold online and through book shops.

How can I promote my books locally

Local bookshops are often happy to host book signings, particularly if you engage with and notify the local media (local radio & TV stations, local newspapers and social media).

How can I get people to review my book?

By making the media’s literary editors aware of your book and sending them pre-launch review copies.

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