Our tailor-made book publishing service provides everything you need to successfully self-publish a book from start to finish, both digitally and in print.

Self-Publishing with DolmanScott

After all the hard work you have put into writing your manuscript, take full advantage of all DolmanScott’s book services and partnerships to ensure the success of your book by engaging with our entire Book Publishing Package. Trust our infatuation with books to guide you through all stages of the publishing process; providing a professional, personal and quality service is what we do.

Why self-publish?

More Control

When you self-publish, you own your work and have complete control over the publishing process. Many authors who have poured their hearts and souls into writing a book need to have the power to make decisions throughout the publishing process. Up until now, it’s been just you and your manuscript, so keep that control a little longer and have your say in how your book looks, how it’s marketed, and where it’s sold through the process of self-publishing.

Higher Margins

After working so hard on a manuscript, it’s unlikely to be all about the money for most authors, but its importance can’t be denied. Not only are the barriers to entry in self-publishing lower, but the margins for the author are higher. When you work with a traditional publisher, they have to take their cut, and this can be particularly large when print runs are smaller. By self-publishing your book, you can earn more for each book that you sell.

Professional Quality

As technology has improved, self-published authors now have access to high-quality printing and book distribution networks similar to traditionally published authors. Your self-published book will be indistinguishable in print quality from any other book on the shelves, and our proofreading and editing services give you total peace-of-mind that your writing will have a chance to shine its brightest.

How it works

Our team of experts will work with you hand in hand to guide you through our Six-Step Book Publishing process:

Step 1
Step 2
Book Design
Step 3
Step 4
Digital Conversion
Step 5
Virtual Distribution
Step 6

Proofreading & Editing

At DolmanScott, we believe every book should have the chance to shine without the distracting errors that other self-publishing services might allow to slip through the net. We ensure perfection, turning your manuscript into a masterpiece.


Our desire for the highest standards mean that we provide a proofreading service as standard alongside our printing services. We’ll go over your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb before we fire up the printing press. Our proofreading team will check the following is perfect and provide a report on our findings:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Formatting (e.g. page numbers)


Take your work to the next level and ensure your book is of the highest quality with our optional editing service. Good editing can make the difference to the success of a book; whether you need help eliminating pesky repetitions, advice on structure or style, or a keen eye to spot plot holes, we offer a service to suit your needs. By utilising our editing team’s expertise in quality control from start to finish, you guarantee perfection and cost-efficiency.

Allow a fresh pair of experienced eyes to finesse the details of your book. Our editing team will assess and advise on the following features:

  • Plot, continuity and character arcs
  • Style and structure

Book Design

Reading a book should be a pleasure, and the experience starts with the eyes. Trust our team of highly-talented designers to do your words justice and make your book look as good as it reads.

Book Cover Design

Love of a book starts at first sight; make an impression with a book cover designed by our talented team. Our knowledge of the stylistic conventions of different genres will allow your book to appeal to your desired audience, whilst you retain the control to create the cover you have always dreamed of. Allow our experience in selecting typefaces and imagery to complement your vision to make your book stand out from the crowd.

Book Formatting

The devil is in the detail, and although book formatting doesn’t sound much fun, it’s vital in creating a professional and accessible book for your readers.

Our reformatting service will ensure that every last page of your manuscript reaches the highest possible standard of formatting. Let us take the hassle out of laying out your text, inputting images, page numbering and paragraph spacing, leaving you with total peace of mind that your book is perfectly presented.

Book Illustration

Bring your words to life with original images created for you by our talented illustrators. We will discuss style, colour and subject-matter with you to develop the perfect visual accompaniment to your work.

Book Photography

Sometimes only a photograph will do. Allow us to provide bespoke photography and image sourcing for your book, ensuring the perfect visual fit.

Book Printing

Our team will leverage the long-standing relationships with our partners depending on your specific needs and ensure that the final works will be of the highest, most professional quality whilst adhering to your budget.

We will supply you with proofs, or a proof copy where possible, to ensure that your printed book will meet both your standards and ours. Once we are both happy with the quality, we will commence a short print run and supply you with your initial order of copies (A minimum of 30).

Read more about our Printing service.

Digital Conversion

Demand for digital books is growing almost daily. Ensure your book can keep up with readers’ changing habits by self-publishing your manuscript with DolmanScott in eBook and audiobook formats. 

Our highly-experienced editors and studio team work hand-in-hand with you to bring your manuscript to life in digital formats and make them available and accessible to readers and listeners across the globe.

Read more about our Digital Conversion service

Virtual Distribution

Print-on-demand is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: instead of investing in printing a load of copies and risking them sitting indefinitely on a shelf, print-on-demand is a service that takes advantage of digital printing to produce books in direct response to orders—only printing the exact amount ordered. Our service allows us to do this profitably, with royalties paid to the author on each sale.

We often refer to this service as virtual distribution, in the sense that the books aren’t physically displayed on the shelves of traditional book shops, but can be bought online and from book sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others around the world.

Book Marketing

You’ve been thinking about the target audience for your book since its inception, so ensure it reaches your readers with a marketing strategy that suits both you and your work. Our team of marketers are on hand to establish strong foundations for the continued promotion and advertising of your book and can help you with marketing across a number of platforms:


Lend yourself credibility and engage your readers in real-time with a website. Creating an online space for your book and yourself allows readers to get to know what you are all about; it’s a personal touch that can really drive sales and build a fanbase for your work. Our marketing team can provide technical support, design and content to get your website off the ground and running smoothly.

Writing a book can be one thing, but writing code in another! Let our team take your words and transform them into an online presence to be proud of. 

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool to advertise your book through that all important word-of-mouth. Our team of marketers consider the demographics of your target audience to help you develop a social media presence and make waves online. Take advantage of our expert knowledge to get your book noticed and reach readers all over the world with a strong social media strategy.

Whether you want to tweet to your heart’s content, having real-time conversations with your novel’s readers, or post stunning visuals from your cookbook on Instagram, DolmanScott can provide suggestions for engaging content, as well as tips and tricks to get your audience hooked on your writing.

Digital Advertising

We’re all familiar with the power of a good advert; they help to build a brand and create an awareness of it in your target audience’s mind. Our team of marketers specialise in direct digital marketing of books through sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, making it easy for readers to get your book into their hands quickly. In the constantly evolving digital advertising space, make the most of targeted advertising and allow us to take the stress out of the technical side of things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your Book Printing and Book Publishing services?

If you are printing a book with us, we will agree on a number of copies to be printed and deliver these directly to you. You will be able to distribute your book and sell it by yourself however you like!

If you choose to use our publishing services we will ensure that your book is available to order in bookshops and online. Our publishing operates on a Print-on-Demand system where, when a book is ordered, a single copy is printed and dispatched.

If I publish with you, who will own the Copyright?

With DolmanScott, the copyright is always retained by the author.

What is an ISBN? Do I need one? How do I get one?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number; having an ISBN enters your book into a database which details bibliographic information. ISBN numbers are used by retailers and libraries to catalogue their titles. As a result, if you want to sell your book through major retailers or stock your book in libraries you will need to have an ISBN.

When using our Book Publishing service we provide an ISBN for your book as part of your package.

If I publish with you, will my book appear on the shelves of bookshops?

The decision to stock a book in-store is down to the individual retailer. By publishing with DolmanScott, we will ensure that your book can be ordered for purchase through any bookshop or online retailer via our Print-on-Demand service. If you wish to see your book on the shelves of a bookshop, you will need to arrange this directly with the retailer.

If I publish with you, will my book be available on Amazon and other online retailers?

DolmanScott will ensure that your book is available to order from Amazon and other online retailers specified by you.

Which countries would my book be available in if I publish with DolmanScott?

We will make sure that your book is available to readers in the UK and US and can provide access in many other countries besides.

Can you help me market and promote my book?

DolmanScott have a Marketing service ready and waiting for you! Find out more.

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