Birds, Beasts and Ice

Michael Anderson

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Birds, Beasts and Ice


Antarctica: the highest, driest, coldest and most remote continent on earth.

earth. The cost of tours, even to the more accessible regions on the

Antarctic Peninsula, are prohibitive for most people. In a rare case of

right time, right place the author was fortunate to be engaged as a volunteer

on an Adelie penguin study project, spending several months in a fi eld camp

near Mawson station, Antarctica.

The wilderness and wildlife adventure loving author takes you on a voyage by

icebreaker from Tasmania across the wild Southern Ocean followed by weeks

of forging a path through the pack ice. Tumultuous seas, whale sightings,

soaring albatrosses and the magnificent southern lights give way to stunning

icebergs, penguins, seals and snow petrels.

With Antarctica and its wildlife now threatened due to human induced climate

change this book is a timely reminder of the precious species we might lose

and of the wonder that is Antarctica.

Feedback from the author

DolmanScott provided a truly wonderful and personal service where they took the utmost care. I'm very pleased with the quality of their work.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson
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