Now Living The Dream

Daksha Trivedi

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Now Living The Dream


The words "You have got cancer" started Daksha's remarkable life changing journey, having recently lost her twin brother from a similar but an advanced inoperable cancer. "Would I endure the same fate as my brother whose cancer was inoperable?" Holding on to her already heartbroken, grieving mother, Daksha Trivedi shares a candid account of her courageous passage from fear to hope and getting her life back. 

NOW Living the Dream underlines the power of positivity against the onslaught of cancer. It offers a profound, practical and spiritual insight into understanding life's challenges. 

This beautiful book of courage and survival will leave you with the confidence to live each day as if it were your last.

Feedback from the author

I was looking for a publisher for my cancer story. Richard at DolmanScott offered me valuable advice and guidance through the whole process. Even when faced with imminent deadlines, I did not feel rushed in any way, but more importantly, I felt confidently mentored. I would highly recommend DolmanScott without any reservation, and thank them for their dedicated services which are second to none!
Daksha Trivedi
Daksha Trivedi
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